Korra Montessune

The Summoner and her Loyal Giant Scaled Ant Eater


Name: Korra Delsa Montessune
Age: 20 years old
Race: Human
Height: 5’7"
Class: Summoner

Skintone: Tanned / light caramel toned skin
Eyes: Green
Noteable Features: Tribal markings on her left arm and right hip.

Korra is what one might call full of life, and with that comes a boundless amount of energy. It is unclear whether she just likes to act naive or if she is just generally a bit borderline idiotic at times but she seems to just be off doing her own thing, regardless of what other people thing of her. She doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “take it slow” it would appear because she is always plotting her next route- whether it be to the next bakery or through a gory battle.
No idea is too crazy for her to try, and when things go wrong she usually just laughs it off. … Usually. On those off chance occurrences that you get on her wrong side (which she claims is her north west side) then you’ll see a uniquely passive aggressive and competitive side.
She relentless, and loyal, and relentlessly loyal where it counts. And to her that is first and foremost to her summoning companion Tiro, the giant pangolin. Her main passion is traveling, and when at all possible on the back of Tiro, who she repays in the form of baked goods and story telling.


As of yesterday, Korra fell from the sky, she doesn’t know how, she doesn’t know why, and she doesn’t particularly care either way. That’s just the kind of gal you’re dealing with here.

Korra Montessune

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